Maryland Recycling Rate

Maryland Recycling Act Reporting


The Maryland Recycling Act (MRA) requires all counties and Baltimore City to recycle 20% (populations under 150,000) or 35% (populations over 150,000) of the waste generated. State government is required to recycle 20% of its solid waste. Allegany County’s population is 68,106 (2020 US Census), therefore, the county’s mandated recycling rate is 20%.  Every pound counts!

All counties are required to report recycling tonnages to the Maryland Department of the Environment for every calendar year. 

It is very important that the Recycling Office is aware of any materials that every business is diverting from the landfill in the form of recycling or secondary use. The Annual Recycling Reporting Form (PDF) for the previous calendar year is to be completed and provided to the Recycling Office by email, fax, or delivery service on or before March 31 every year. 

Allegany County Government appreciates all recycling support, residential and commercial. 

Thank you!

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