The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Office has developed several map applications leveraging existing County resources. These applications contain current and relevant spatial data and use ArcGIS Server, Adobe Flex, and/or JavaScript technologies. Version 9.0 or later of Adobe Flash Player is required to use some of the applications.

Please be aware all of Allegany County's web-based map applications are subject to the Site Disclaimer (PDF). You are required to read the Disclaimer and User Agreement before proceeding.

GIS Online Mapping

There are two available options for free County mapping software online. 

  • The GIS Dashboard is the only NEW, fully operational dashboard. Layers posted on this dashboard are current, and we encourage everyone to utilize this option. This software is useful for general property information. Access County information related to development: topography, parcels, addresses, zoning, soils, water and sewer assets, etc.
  • The Permits Dashboard 2 is operational, but is using DATED information and has not been maintained for an extended period of time. This option remains in use because there are a small amount of layers available here that were not migrated to the newer GIS Dashboard. 

School attendance area

Use the School Attendance Areas Map to view attendance areas for all public schools in Allegany County.

Recycling Sites

View Recycling Sites around Allegany County, and find out what you can recycle at each location.

Standardized County Maps

Standardized maps are available for download in PDF format. These maps are provided free of charge by Land Development Services.

Printed Maps

  • Standardized maps are available in hard copy format
  • 1 inch = 1 mile, 24 inches by 36 inches
  • $10 each

Custom Maps

Custom maps can be made by GIS staff to meet particular needs. When requesting a map, please specify:

  • Desired data layers
  • Extent of area to be mapped
  • Map format (e.g. PDF, hard copy, JPEG)
  • Map scale
  • Necessary titles and labeling
  • Page size and layout

To order a map, contact us by email or call 301-876-9510.