After Applying for a Permit

Prior to Permit Issuance

After submitting a complete application, and when all applicable fees are paid in full, the processed application is distributed to the appropriate reviewing agents. On the second working day following your fee payment, you must contact the agents noted on the Review Checklist. After you have addressed necessary requirements, a Permit will be issued to the Applicant. Unless otherwise instructed, issued permits will be forwarded by U.S. Mail. A Permit Issued placard will be included with the issued permit. Prior to the start of construction, the placard must be displayed within public view.

After Permit Issuance

Following the issuance of a permit, construction must begin within 1 year and must be completed within one year of commencement. Once construction is started, an extension may be granted by the LDS Division Chief. Should a permit be subject to an appeal or to litigation following issuance, the time period for start of construction does not begin until the appeal or litigation is decided.

Permits for uses or occupancy other than building construction are good for an indefinite period. However, all conditions attached to the permit apply to subsequent owners.