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Every day, decisions made by Allegany County government officials affect you. Now is a great time to get involved. The Board of County Commissioners has established many boards, commissions, and committees that offer Allegany County citizens an avenue to actively participate in local government.

These boards deal with health and welfare, social programs, environmental issues, agricultural preservations, economic development, tourism, architectural review, women's issues, elderly issues, and others.

The Commissioners appoint citizens to more than 30 different committees/boards. Vacancies on these advisory boards are posted as the terms are fulfilled. Those interested in serving go through an application and selection process.

For additional information on each Board or Commission, navigate below.

Volunteer Application for a Board or Commission

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  4. Do you currently work for an entity or agency that either receives funding from or has a contract with the County to perform services?*
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  7. I will attend meetings in accordance with the adopted policies of Allegany County. If at any time my business or professional interests conflict with the interests of this Board or committee, I will not participate in such deliberations. References may be secured from the following individuals: (Include Name, Address, Phone)
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