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Residential Refuse Disposal Tag System


Allegany County Government has a residential/household refuge disposal tag system. A refuse tag must be attached to every item to be discarded. Each refuse tag costs $0.75 and is bright green.


You Need To Know

  • 1 refuse tag is required for one garbage bag 40 gallon maximum.
  • 1 refuse tag is required for one garbage can 40 pound maximum.
  • A maximum of 10 garbage bags/garbage cans per day per resident is permitted.
  • A maximum of 2 items per day per resident is permitted for items requiring 6 or more refuse tags due to space limitations at the refuse disposal sites.
  • Tires: Although tires cannot be deposited into the refuse site drop boxes, the Site Attendant does accept tires at three Refuse Disposal Sites/Solid Waste Collection Areas, Flintstone, Little Orleans, and Oldtown, during regular hours of operation. A maximum of 4 tires per day per resident is permitted and 3 refuse tags are required for one tire.
  • Businesses and commercial entities cannot use the refuse site drop boxes.


Examples of the Number of $0.75 Refuse Tags Required Per Item

Other items are based on comparable size.


3 Chair, Sink, Toilet


3 Computer System or Television (maximum of 3 items per day per resident)


3 Bicycle, Microwave, Storm Door, Table


6 Bathtub, Mattress, Box Spring


6 Reclining Chair, Grill, Push Lawnmower


9 Sofa (3 Person)/ Love Seat (2 Person)


9 Carpet/Rug, Carpet/Rug Padding


9 Cabinet, Dresser


9 Garage Door, Riding Lawnmower


Not Accepted at Refuse Site Drop Boxes: hazardous materials, appliances, ashes, lead acid batteries for vehicles, brush, dead animals, liquids, lumber, stumps, tires.


Where to Buy Refuse Tags


Call to confirm refuse tag availability and hours of operation!

Many have a minimum purchase requirement of $3.75/5 refuse tags.


Barton: Barton Town Hall, 19018 Legislative Road, 301-463-6347

Cumberland: Allegany County Government - Finance Department, 701 Kelly Road,
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Cumberland: Naylor’s Ace Hardware, 1350 West Industrial Boulevard, 301-777-9101

Flintstone: Flintstone Refuse Disposal Site/Solid Waste Collection Area, 26707 National Pike

Frostburg: Lil Corner Market, 217 East Main Street, 301-689-8733

Frostburg: Rite Aid Pharmacy, 101 Bishop Murphy Drive, 301-689-2422

Grahamtown: B & B Meats, 11329 Upper Georges Creek Road, 301-689-6225

LaVale: CoGo’s, 1064 National Highway, 301-729-8126

LaVale: LaVale Pharmacy, 1221 National Highway, 301-729-3535

Little Orleans: Little Orleans Refuse Site/Solid Waste Collection Area, 11306 Orleans Road South

Lonaconing: D&D Pit N Go, 5721 Lower George’s Creek Road SW, 301-463-2418

Lonaconing: George’s Creek Pharmacy, 19 Main Street, 301-463-5757

Lonaconing: Powell’s Grocery, 15915 Lower George’s Creek Road SW, 301-463-2432

Midland: Midland Volunteer Fire Department, 14809 Railroad Street, 301-463-2511

Midland: RG’s, 301-463-6610

Oldtown: Oldtown Refuse Site/Solid Waste Collection Area, 18622 Lower Town Creek Road

Westernport: Kenny’s Market, 46 Main Street, 301-359-3026