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Duties and Responsibilities


To assist you, in a timely and professional manner, initiating your construction project or development.



A productive, orderly and clean community.


Governmental Function

To develop, maintain, implement and enforce land use and building code regulations for Allegany County consistent with the laws, policies and recommendations established by the State of Maryland and the Allegany County Commissioners through the County’s Comprehensive Plan, for the harmonious and orderly development of the County in a manner which preserves the natural environment and promotes the quality of life of its citizens.



The unincorporated areas of Allegany County, Maryland, and the LaVale Zoning District.   For information regarding activities within the incorporated cities and towns of the County, please contact their administrative offices.



Elements of Operation

  • Land Use/Building Permit Administration

  • Zoning Administration

  • Subdivision Plat Approval

  • Building Code Administration & Inspections

  • Sediment Control and Stormwater Management

  • Floodplain Management

  • House Numbering/Street Name Program

  • Land Use Planning

  • Mapping

  • Special Projects

  • Salvage Yard Licensing

  • Program Open Space

  • Historic Preservation

  • Agricultural Land Preservation

  • Recreation

Boards & Commissions

  • Board of Zoning Appeals

  • Building Codes Appeals Board

  • Agricultural Land Preservation Board