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Latest Updates: 


Category Name Description
ATV Standards Adopted standard for ATV vehicles
  UTV Standards Adopted standard for UTV vehicles
Brush Unit Standards Adopted standard for Brush Units
Engine Standards Adopted Standard for Engines
  Engine Rescue Standards Adopted Standards for Engine Rescues
  Engine Tanker Standards Adopted Standards for Engine Tankers
  Mini Pumper Standards Adopted Standards for Mini Pumpers
  Quint Standard (Posted 12.12) Adopted Standards for Quint
  Quint Rescue Standards Adopted Standards for Quint Rescues 
  Squad Extraction Unit Standards Adopted Standards for Extrication Units
  Squad Heavy Duty Standards Adopted Standards for Heavy Duty Squads
  Squad Medium Duty Standards Adopted Standards for Medium Duty Squads
  Accountability Policy Adopted Policy for conducting accountability
  Ambulance Assist Policy (Updated) Adopted Policy on Ambulance Assists 
  Apparatus Minimum Staffing Policy (Updated) Adopted Policy for the minimum staffing of apparatus
  Apparatus Numbering Policy Adopted Policy on the numbering of apparatus in County
  Boundary Dispute Policy Adopted Policy on process of resolving boundary disputes
  Fire-EMS Communications Policy Adopted Policy for Fire and EMS Communication
  Helmet & Vest Color Policy Adopted Policy on vest and helmet colors 
  Hydrant Policy Adopted Policy on hydrants
  Knox Box Policy (8.2015) Adopted Policy on ESP access to a key for non-destructive entry
May Day Policy Adopted Policy on activation and response of May Day Signal
  Pump Testing Policy Adopted Policy for conducting county pumps testing
  Working Fire Minimum Manning Policy Adopted Policy for minimum manpower on working fires
  Working Fire Policy (FIRE) Adopted Policy on upgrading to working fires
  2012 Allegany County Hazard Mitigation Plan  
  Draft Infection Control Plan Infection Control Plan for Allegany County
Annex Incident Command Annex O Incident Command Plan for Allegany County
EMS Forms
  Quality Assurance Committee Incident Reporting Online form to document any issue involving patient care
Preliminary Patient Information Sheet Patient information collection tool
  Region 1 EMS Q1 Committee MAIS Reports Monthly MAIS Report to QI Committee
  Region 1 EMS QA Committee Intubation Report Form for reporting Intubation Attempts
Region 1 EMS Fibrinolytic Therapy Checklist Checklist for Ischemic Stroke
Administrative Forms
  Allegany County ACH Form Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposits
  Communications Quality Improvement Form For Fire-EMS & Law Enforcement Agencies to request review of call
  Fire-EMS Data Sheets Data Sheets
  Public Information Request Form for requesting copies of public information from Allegany County
  Special Operations Application Application requesting membership in the Special Operations Team
WebEOC User Request Form Form for requesting Log In account to State WEB EOC
  Request for Review Form for requesting a review of a specific incident and report on findings
  MD Fire Chiefs Statewide Alerts Form to request being added to Statewide incident paging system
  HIRT Report  Word / PDF Report for HIRT Team Response
LOSAP Forms Change of Information Form Contact Form
  Length of Service Awards Program LOSAP Change of Information Form
  Organization LOSAP & Tax Contact Form Participant Enrollment Form
Income Tax Incentive MSFA Maryland Individual End of Year Points Report
Income Tax Incentive Changes
Appropriations Forms
  508 Funding Letter  
  Grant Instructions, Letter & Form for FY16 Amoss Award
October 2016 Allocation Requirements Letter with Chart of Reports Due by Company


  Training Form Excel / PDF Form to report training of membership 
  Operations and Expenditures Form (Online /Print) Form to report Ops and Exp. For year
Operational Forms
  Box Cards PDF / Excel Box Card Forms to submit to dispatch
Instructions for Box Cards Instructions on how to complete box cards
  Accountability Tag Request Form for Chief to request accountability tags for members
Fire House/Fire Reports
  Fire Report Submission Address 
Fire House Streets Update Latest street update for firehouse software  (April 4, 2011)
  Update File Instructions Instructions for installing updated street file